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It’s a Cuvee Wedding in Milwaukee, Y’all! And it’s our 2015 wedding season kick-off! AweYEAH!

Since 2014 was my year that saw very little blogging (2015 is gonna throw down a much better blog performance!), I haven’t blogged Karen and Mike yet. We shot in August at Pier Wisconsin (Discovery World), Milwaukee’s Third-Fifth wards, and Walker’s Point. It was an early morning, it was foggy, it warmed up really fast, it rained on us a fair amount, and it was fantastic. I adore these two, and I had a blast putting together this custom engagement session for them.

One of the joys of my job is getting to know and interpreting my clients. At the conclusion of this session I said, “I think that is the most geometric I’ve shot in a long time, or ever.” And Karen said, “Well, I do also have an engineering degree, and I love it!” And so then I was like, “Yes, this job. It is fun. My people are fun.” Also, we did some prisming 😉

So, without further delay, a very geometric, very Milwaukee, very Karen and Mike (they’re so fantastic) engagement session!Modern Milwaukee Wedding Photographer Robyn Vining

(P.S. They went on their first date at La Merenda. So. You know. We stopped by since we were in the area.)