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This is Adara.

But this is a different kind of blog post.
This is not about newborn photography; it is about Adara, and what’s going to happen in her life this week.

Adara was born with a heart condition, and this Wednesday she will have open heart surgery.

That’s Mama on the top right there. She’s been working so hard to care for her baby, all the while with her older son at home. Do you know what it’s like to have one baby in the hospital and one at home? She’s been working so hard. Her name is Vicky. She’s amazing. Her husband’s name is Tim. He is, too.

Adara’s been in the hospital for two weeks now, trying to gain weight for surgery. Her sweet little heart is working so hard.

Please keep Adara in your thoughts and prayers this week. Maybe set an alarm on your phone? Share this post on pinterest, or facebook, with others who might know what it’s like to have a “heart baby”?

Maybe leave some love here for her family? Wednesday is going to be a hard day. Sitting outside a 6 hour surgery is a hard thing to do.

 I’ll be at the hospital with them for part of the day on Wednesday. I’m shutting down work to be there, so things will be moving a little slower this week.

So, if you have a few minutes, please think of little Adara and her family- Mom and Dad are Vicky & Tim, and her big brother is Caleb.

Please feel free to text for updates. I will  be happy to answer you as we have time. 4145810700 Robyn

Adara’s caringbridge site is here.