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Hello! Hello! Hello!

It’s time! Beach Sessions are here!

Beach sessions are similar to how they have been in the past, but we are also doing them a little bit differently this year.

The same? The lollipops, the beach fun, the style of photography we’re shooting.

The difference? All sessions are 30 minutes with one rain date, and we have a fun, NEW-LAST-YEAR purchase option, “Buy It Now!”

Similar to the past, our session fees are separate from our prints and digital products.¬†And this year we’re adding in a buy-up-front *FULL RESOLUTION*, full gallery set of images (includes some color and some black and white), and if you pay up front, not only are you likely to see more social media previews as we edit, but you are also going to have the ability to download your gallery in one click when you receive it. One click, folks. That email dings and you open it and you can grab your gallery in one-click. That’s pretty brilliant, right? You are also likely to receive 10-15 more images than in the regular 30 minute shoot-to-gallery sessions— because, after all, we won’t know which your favorites will be and so we’re going to give you a good bunch of options, and then let you peek through and pick your favorites (plus, you know how sometimes family members have different favorites? THAT. You’re welcome. ūüėČ )

So, $99 for a 30 minute session (15-25 images), and you’ll have the ordering options as listed on a PDF sent you via email¬†(plus a few more, we don’t toss all our info on the internet after all ūüėČ ).

Or $550 for “Buy it now”, and grab your whole gallery (25-40 images) and go the day it hits the world wide web.

Here are the dates, and if you’re pre-registered, please go ahead and sign your name via Facebook comment or blog comment to confirm it, and I’ll pull your name from parentheses at that time. (I mean, who wants to be squished in parentheses?) Please also read all the fine print below. We’re super-not-into hiding info from you, so we roll it all out. When you receive your contract, we don’t wish to surprise you with any tricks. So, read on, my friends, and then for making your way through all the text and contracts and online payments, mad-prop treat yourself to a cookie or one of those new fancy homemade organic¬†(free-range?) popsicle things I keep reading about on the internet. Or a tiny cookie. Or a giant one. I recommend the giant cookies. From the public market. And you should never buy just one. Truly.


Ready? Here we go:

Saturday, July 30  (location to be released to booked clients)

8:30am BOOKED РRachel Wagner

9:00am BOOKED- Christie Johnson

9:30am BOOKED – Britton Domer

10:00am BOOKED- A. B. Johnson

10:30am BOOKED- B. C. Cleary


Sunday, July 31 (Rain Date)

If you book, please note that July 31 is our rain date. Time slots will slide to Sunday. Please realize that if Robyn moves the sessions to Sunday, you must be available Sunday. Robyn is the sole determiner of whether or not we are “rained out”. This could be decided ahead of time, or on-site. If you have not received notice that the session is cancelled, please show up. Bring an umbrella. We have been rained on for 9 minutes before, and all we saw was a 9 minute delay and the day returned to shooting quickly, as is often the case when we are right on a great lake. It is always easier to shoot than reschedule, so that will be the priority. In the case, however, of a total Milwaukee washout, we will hold Sunday as an option. Plan for it.



If you’ve worked¬†with us before, comment below with the time/date you’d like. Use your Facebook account to comment, or the comment module. And then hang tight, we will send contracts every 2 business days.

If you’re new to us (AKA not in our system as a current client), please leave a comment below AND¬†click through here and fill out this form¬†so we can can send you a contract.

We will then send you via email a PDF, a digital online contract, and an online payment form. With your contract you will be able to choose which package you’re ordering— the $99 session only, or the $550 Full Resolution download option. The $550 option is only available if purchased up front, prior to the session.


(Print packages will also be in your client PDF.)


This year all mini-sessions are parents and children only. No engaged couples,¬†anniversary sessions, no multi-generational sessions. No cousins. Single-generation family, no extended families (please and thank you). NO POKEMON CHASING. I’m kidding. Obviously we’re all going to be chasing Pokemon… or working around the people who are. (I’m not sure which emoticon to put here…)

If you are late, your session will be reduced by the number of minutes you are late.

Unless it is actively raining, we are shooting. Last year it rained for 9 minutes, and then it stopped and was awesome instead. Bring an umbrella. It’s the lakefront. Weather moves fast and the beach is pretty in many forms.

If you are sick, please call Robyn immediately. If she cannot replace your session, you will need to fill the spot yourself.

Galleries will be live for 10 days. 10% early bird print discount for first 3 days. $50 gallery extension. Galleries will be online and heavily watermarked. Screenshots and downloads from galleries prohibited by copyright law.

You will receive a PDF with clothing and session prep advice. Because mini-sessions are discounted sessions, please do not contact the studio with extensive questions about clothing and prep. Extensive styling consultations are reserved for full family sessions that start at $299 per family on weekdays.

Prints & digital files are purchased separately from the session fee. If you commit to the session, you’re committing to purchasing¬†a minimum package costing $200. A La Carte items are not sold until a package has been purchased.

Sample items to purchase after your session:

$200- 2 8×10, 3 5×7, 1 set of wallets, 10 digital files printable to 4×6¬†inches

$250-1 11×14, 2 8×10, 3 5x7s, 10 digital files printable to 5×7 inches

$350- 10×20 mosaic canvas, 5 5×7, 25 digital files printable to 5x7inches

$99 upgrade to all images

Digital file¬†collection¬†printable to¬†4×6 inches $299

Digital file collection¬†printable to 5×7 inches $349

Digital file¬†collection¬†printable to 10×10 inches¬†$449

Sample 15-images from a beach mini-session last summer.

PS: Last year there was a Superman sighting… you never know what can happen at beach sessions…


All images copyrighted to Robyn Vining Photography LLC. Do not copy, print, download, or screenshot.