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I’m one step ahead of having to google myself to find my own blog, but not quite up and running yet.


I’ll never profess to be a techie, but I will profess my mad appreciation for all my techie friends, and their fragrant generosity in helping me wade through updating my web site, bloggity blog and a few other things set to launch soon.


Thanks, Friends. I’ll shout you out as soon as I can figure out how to, you know, change this thing to say my name vs. the blog theme.


In the meantime, for information and bookings go to: the web site that’s 2 years overdue for an update (or just go to the facebook pages for Ticklebugs Photography ¬†(milwaukee area maternity photography, milwaukee area newborn photography, milwaukee area¬†children’s photography, milwaukee area lifestyle photography)–studio grand opening in Bay View coming up SOON!

or Beloved | by Robyn Vining (milwaukee area wedding photography and anniversary photography).


We’re not all good at everything– it’s good to have friends…

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